3 Ways to Use Concrete Blocks Around Your Home

When it comes to decorating your home these days, DIY projects are simpler than ever, and rapidly transforming regular household items into unique works of art with functional uses. Concrete blocks have a raw, and industrial look, which is drawing more and more people to create household uses with the solids. Concrete blocks can be left their natural grey color, or painted several different ways to give them the look and feel that best represents your home and style.

Using Concrete Blocks Functionally

We’ve come up with 3 ways to use concrete blocks around your home that are sure to leave you feeling accomplished, and proud to show off your creations to family and friends. You may need some concrete leveling work done depending on the surface’s evenness, so keep that in mind as well as you plan out these projects. All of these DIY projects can be done in any way that fits your space, style, and objective for the concrete creation you are building.

Make an Outdoor Bench

You can do this in a few different ways. The most common concrete blocks are typically rectangular in shape, with about an inch or two of cement thickness, then hollow in the middle. You can start by stacking your concrete blocks adjacent to each other, three high and four across with the hollow length running parallel to the direction you plan for your bench to face. These will be your end-caps and arm rests for your bench. Insert 4×4 treated lumber posts into the hollow spaces of the middle blocks, then add cushions or throw pillows to add a touch of style and comfort. If you’re looking to save yourself a trip to the store, use concrete blocks to stack a bench, and finish off the cement structure with decorative cushions or pillows.

Make a Garden Planter

Stack concrete blocks in opposite directions to create a dimensional concrete wall. As you stack, small, square-shaped openings will poke out of the wall, making a perfect space for small plants. The higher you stack your concrete blocks, the more plant space you have for an organized and stylish garden planter. Rather than stacking the concrete blocks, you can also lay them flat on their perimeter in your garden soil to create a defined planting space for individualized plants, flowers, or vegetables. Because cement blocks can be painted, the opportunities for your garden are endless, so let your creativity run wild.

Create Storage

Concrete blocks are versatile and can be used inside or outside of your home to organize your belongings and create a storage space for a variety of things. Whether your garage needs a storage for shoes, your den needs a place to neatly stack and display your collection of books and records, or your office needs a storage structure for paperwork and mail, stacking concrete blocks in any space is sure to organize your belongings.

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