My Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On, What Next?

There are certain times of the year when you can leave it off but most Americans wouldn’t know what to do without modern air conditioning. Air conditioning allows people to stay cool and comfortable within their homes during the hot months of summer but just like anything else, your air conditioning unit can give you trouble on occasion. While real problems will require a HVAC technician there are several issues that the homeowner can take care of. A common problem homeowners get with their air conditioning unit is that it simply won’t power on. Before you call an HVAC technician you can take a few steps to see if you can fix the problem.

What Next After My Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On

  1. Double check to make sure the thermostat is set to cool, cold or its air conditioning setting and that the thermostat is set to on or auto. Set the desired temperature well below the current temperature in the room. If the thermostat doesn’t click and start powering up the unit, move on step 2.
  2. Check any electrical panels or circuit breakers that power the air conditioner. Check to see if a fuse has been tripped or fuse has been blown. If you do find this, turn that breaker off, replace the fuse and try again. If a fuse is not blown, move to step 3.
  3. Make sure the furnace power switch is in the on or operating position. Also check the outdoor condenser’s power switch. Lastly, check the metal box close on the wall close to the unit, make sure all power switches are on with that as well. If all of those seem to be operating or on, move on to step 4.

Note: At this point you will be troubleshooting the thermostat, only try these steps if you are confident in your ability for home repairs. Otherwise, it may be time to call in the HVAC company.

  1. Turn the power off to the AC unit. Remove the thermostat cover and replace the batteries. Give the system about 5 minutes then try powering on the unit. If there is no power, turn to step 5.
  2. With the thermostat still open, unscrew the wire from the Y terminal and power the unit back on. Hold the wire by its covering and touch the bare metal to the R terminal and hold it there for approximately 2 minutes. If the air conditioning unit turns on, you likely have a faulty thermostat. If it still doesn’t turn on, power off the unit and give an HVAC company a call.

Hopefully these 5 steps helped get power back to your unit. If you’re still having trouble, find a local and licensed HVAC company to come diagnose and fix the issue. Then you’ll have your cool air back in no time.

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