Can You Install Faux Stone Paneling Yourself?

Homeowners are always looking for ways to save money when it comes to home projects. There’s the option of do-it-yourself labor over paid labor, and the use of cheaper or different types of materials to get the job done on budget. Faux stone panels are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners due to both of those items, they are cheaper, and easy to install. Do-it-yourself often depends on a person’s skill and abilities, what may be an easy DIY project for one person could be too complicated for the rest. That brings us to DIY installation of faux stone panels, can a homeowner do it?

Can You Really Install Faux Stone Paneling Yourself?

There is no easy yes or no when it comes DIY faux stone paneling installs since everyone has a unique skill level. It could be a walk in the park for one homeowner, and difficult for the next. For the most part, DIY install of faux stone paneling is fairly simple and straightforward. Let’s look at a basic overview of installing faux stone panels to help you figure out if you can take on this project by yourself.

Helpful Tools

  • Power washer
  • Cement / mortar
  • Hack saw or circular saw
  • Grout
  • Trowel
  • Gloves
  • Eye protection
  • Face mask
  • Grout or joint tool
  • Level, laser or chalk level is best
  • Concrete sealer (or manufacturer recommended sealer)

You will need to prepare the surface for faux stone paneling. Depending on the surface this could mean power washing, scrubbing, or whatever it takes to give the panels a clean surface to bond to.

Depending on the type of faux stone paneling, you will either use mortar, plywood, screws or a combination of those to attach the paneling to your work surface. Your paneling will come with resources on how to install the panels to different surfaces if not, you can inquire to the stone’s manufacturer to know the right steps to take.

The next steps will be a combination of leveling, putting the puzzle together, and attaching the panels. This will also be the time to use a wet saw to cut the panels to your wall’s specifics. Work from top to bottom and move from one side to the other during installation, do not attempt to piecemeal the stone.

Apply grout to joints, where pieces meet, and other areas to get a clean look. Level off the grout with a grout tool and allow it to set.

Seal the grout and panels with a concrete sealer, or a sealer recommended by the manufacturer. You’re done.

If you have some basic construction knowledge and a free weekend, chances are you can install faux stone paneling yourself. Talk to the manufacturer or check online resources to help you in the process of installation.

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