How to Fix a Garage Door

Squeaking, grinding and fickle garage doors can drive just about any homeowner nuts. Fortunately, you’ll be happy to learn that many garage door issues can be taken care of without any specialized tools or knowledge. So before you call the garage door repairman, try some of these simple steps to see if you can get your garage door working like new again.

How to Fix a Garage Door

Always disconnect any power going to your garage door before you begin.

Check for Obvious Issues

Fixing your garage door could be as easy as fixing blatant or obvious issues. Do a full inspection of the garage door system to look for obvious issues like broken rollers, bent rails, torn weather stripping, rusty parts or anything else that jumps out. You could have your problem diagnosed and repaired in a heart beat.

Replace Weather Stripping

Simply replacing your garage door’s weather stripping is a great way to keep your garage warmer and your utility bills down. If the weather stripping is torn, cracked, dried or otherwise structurally compromised, simply replace it. You may be surprised how effective changing out the weather strip on a garage door can be for maintaining comfortable temperatures.

Lube It Up

There are many moving parts on a powered garage door open and many of the parts need lubrication to function effectively. Use WD-40 to lubricate any metal portions of your garage door including rollers, rails, gears, and other. If the parts are not metal, use an appropriate lubricate instead of WD-40. Use silicone based spray to lube any springs and white lithium grease for any chains.

Adjust the Locking Bars

Misaligned locking bars are a typical source of problems on a garage door. If the locking bars are misaligned, loosen them to adjust then retighten them for proper alignment.

Tighten Up

Check over all screws, bolts and other fasteners to make sure they are tightened. Simply securing and tightening fasteners could make a big change on your garage door.

Hold off on Tracks and Springs

If there are any issues with your garage door tracks or springs you should leave it to a professional. Aligning the tracks takes a professional’s eyes and trying to adjust the spring on your garage door could lead to serious injury if the spring becomes detached.

Inspect and Test

Raise your garage door halfway up and leave it there. If it stays, you have done a good job. If you keep having issues after your maintenance you may need a professional.

Maintaining and inspecting your garage door can help you adjust minor problems right away and leave you with a garage door that lasts for years. If you are uncomfortable with any of these procedures just call a professional for a quote.


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