A Quick Guide on Lightbulbs Around the House

Not too long ago, there wasn’t much of a debate when it came to buying lightbulbs for your home. You just matched the wattage of whatever bulb you had in the first place. Nowadays you have CFLs, halogens, LEDs, warm colors, cool colors and a bevy of other options. Instead of pulling your hair out every time you need a lightbulb, use the following information to help determine what kind of bulb you want and why.

A Quick Guide on Lightbulbs Around the House

Lights for the Bathroom

Aim for halogen incandescents. Everyone wants a flattering light for the bathrooms, which is what you get with halogen incensements. If you’re concerned about the power usage, you can try out warm CFLs instead.

Lights for Recessed Fixtures like Ceiling Lights

Go for LED bulbs for overhead and recessed lighting fixtures. These fixtures get plenty of use so you want to make sure you’re not skyrocketing your power bill. LEDs use a fraction of the power of other bulbs and can be brighter than both halogen bulbs or CFLs. LEDs are definitely more expensive up front but pay for themselves rather quickly.

Lights for Table and Floor Lamps

Utilize halogen incandescent bulbs for lamps. They are the most similar to traditional incandescent so they can provide that natural warm glow you’ve grown to love from your lamps. Halogens are also typically compatible with dimmer switches if you like controlling the light output.

Hard to Reach Lights

For hard to reach lighting elements go with LEDs. They are the longest lasting of bulb types so you can go months and even years on LED lighting. Lights in the back of cabinets, above appliances and more can easily be replaced by LEDs so you aren’t standing on an awkward ladder every few weeks.

Outdoor Lighting

Choose halogen incandescent for outdoor lighting. CFLs may take too long to power up in colder weather while the cost of LEDs is not typically worth it for outdoor applications. Put your outdoor lights on a timer or motion sensor to make them go the extra mile.

In the end its cost, look and personal preference when it comes to lightbulbs. Use the advice above and play around with lighting on your own to come up with the best possible lightbulbs for your home and preferences.

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