Why is My Heater Blowing Cold Air?

When the temperature begins to drop you want to be confident that you can flip a switch and your furnace will begin to supply your home with the heat you desire. However, there is the possibility that you turn on your heater expecting that blast of hot air and instead are greeted with flowing cold air. There are many reasons why your heater may blow out cold air rather than hot and they range from simple to complex.

How to Diagnose a Heater Blowing Cold Air

Heater blowing cold air

Should you worry if your heater is blowing cold air?

The easiest way to diagnose a problem with your heater is by starting with the simplest explanation. A home furnace will often blow cold air for a short time before it can properly heat and produce hot air. Homeowners may sometimes mistake this initial flow of cold air as a problem with their heating system. Be sure to give your heater adequate time to heat before it can produce at the designated temperature. Similarly, ensure that your thermostat is correctly set. Many thermostats include a fan function that allows the unit to continuously blow air even if the home has reached a desired temperature.

Once you have addressed the most obvious culprits and the heater continues to blow cooler air, it is time to investigate possible causes that are more complex, such as a leak in the ductwork. Over time, ducts can be affected by exposure to changing temperatures and may begin to shift or expand. Gaps and leaks in the ducts of your home may cause the warm air being supplied by your heater to mix with the cooler outside air and produce cold air inside of the home. Ductwork can easily be fixed but if not addressed it can be the source of larger problems.

Gas heaters should be checked for pilot light issues in the event that a heater continuously produces cold air rather than hot. A pilot light is a small flame that burns continuously inside of your heating unit. The pilot light ensures that the heater can ignite without relying on manual igniters that can fail. It is possible that your pilot light has been blown out as a result of your gas company shutting down lines for scheduled maintenance or due to an emergency. Your heating unit should include instructions on how to light the units pilot light should it be extinguished.

In the event you cannot find a solution to the problem of your heating blowing cold air rather than warm, contact your local air and heating specialists.

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