Why Home Inspections Are Important for Homeowners

Your home is likely the greatest investment you make when it comes to money, time, and work that is performed on it. Most homeowners know the benefit of hiring a professional home inspector prior to purchasing a home, but home inspections are important for every homeowner whether you’re moving, or staying right where you are. The experience and knowledge of a certified home inspector can save you time and money on general home repairs.

The Importance of Getting a Home Inspection

Every homeowner knows the importance of maintaining your home. You pour a lot of money and time into owning a house. Preventative maintenance is necessary in order to identify potential problems, and determine solutions before the issue becomes greater. Home inspectors specialize in checking home siding and trim, window and door caulking, the area around your air conditioning unit, and the drain pipe attached to your gutters, among other areas in your home that need preventative maintenance.

Should You Hire a Professional Home Inspector?

Hiring a professional home inspector can help you determine the success and effectiveness of a repair you’ve had performed, by providing an unbiased evaluation of the repair. A home inspector can identify any shortcuts or cover-ups that were made during the repair by providing documentation and photos that determine whether or not the job upholds general standards. If you have doubts about a repair, or simply just want a second opinion on the result of what you paid for, a house inspector is your best resource for a straight-forward and comprehensive inspection.

While the common conception of a home inspector is that they are a resource for you before signing for a new home, the popularity of hiring a home inspection team prior to listing your home continues to grow in popularity. Knowing and disclosing the existing condition of your home prior to putting it on the market is a reputable solution for obtaining a fair marketable value price. Having your home inspected prior to listing it gives you the opportunity to discover unknown problems, and make necessary repairs before listing.

Knowing the condition of your home, and identifying possible repairs that you may overlook as a homeowner is the greatest way to make the most of your investment. Caring for your home and performing ongoing maintenance, ensures a longer life and easier living.

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