How GenStone Helps You Do It Yourself

You might have never thought that the installing stone paneling on your home would be a weekend project that you can take care of yourself but it is a very real possibility. In this care we aren’t talking about traditional quarry stone paneling but faux stone paneling. Faux stone paneling has an authentic look and texture but is lightweight, very affordable, and many homeowners can install it by themselves.

Not all of us were born blessed with knowledge of how every home improvement works, most of us will actually need help in getting the job done. That’s why when you are looking at faux stone paneling, you want a manufacturer that will help you out with your do-it-yourself installation. You want a company like GenStone. Let’s find out how GenStone not only sells a great product, but can also help you install faux stone paneling without having to call on an expensive contractor.

How GenStone Helps You Do It Yourself

GenStone’s Where to Buy Guide

To start getting help your first step is to navigate to for their numerous resources. One of the first resources you will see is their Where to Buy guide. This guide will show you numerous locations all over Canada where you can shop for and find great GenStone faux stone paneling.

GenStone’s How to Install Guide

The How to Install page on is full of video guides on how to install different portions of DIY faux stone paneling. You can look up many different videos for different parts of the installation to get specifics on your installation. Topics include planning and design, applying adhesive, screwing in the panels and even corners.

GenStone Contact

If the resource guides found on aren’t enough for you, than you can get in contact with a GenStone rep to help answer your questions. Simply use the contact portion of the website to get in touch with a GenStone rep.

It’s great when a company sells a superior product, but it’s even better when they offer ample support and guides on that product. With GenStone, you can take a look at different faux stone paneling options and get help on getting it installed yourself.

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