How to Find Commercial Contractors

If you’re in need of a professional to build an office or make an addition to your warehouse, you’re in need of a commercial contractor. Commercial construction can be a daunting process to someone who’s never ordered a project of that scale before, there is a high potential to lose plenty of money if everything isn’t executed the right time, the first time. That’s why you want to be sure to hire first rate commercial contractors. Luckily for you, finding great commercial contracts is not too difficult as long as you follow some simple suggestions.

How to Find Commercial Contractors

Get in Touch with a Commercial Development Company

Commercial developers need to hire commercial contractors to fulfill their contractors, so they know the best in the business. Phone up a few commercial development companies to see if you can find out who they use for their commercial construction and why. People and companies who are very happy with their commercial contractors are usually happy to refer them to others.

Use the Better Business Bureau

When looking at commercial contractors, you must hire someone that won’t bumble the project or keep skyrocketing estimates on you. To avoid commercial contractors that may not have your best interest in mind, use the local chapter of your BBB. Make sure that any potential hires are both registered with the BBB and at a minimum have an A rating. The BBB also displays the company’s years of service, so you can find seasoned and experienced commercial contractors.

Use Contractor to Consumer and Service Review Websites

There are several consumer-oriented websites out there that can get you linked up with great companies in your local area. Try websites like HomeAdvisor,, Angie’s List, and more to see a list of commercial contractors in your area as well as a glimpse at what their other customers have to say. If a potential hire doesn’t have favorable reviews, they likely will not do the best job for you either.

If you follow the above steps you’ll be able to see many different commercial contractors around your local area that are ready and willing to help you with great service. Talk to commercial developers, use the BBB, and use consumer-oriented contractor review sites to find the perfect commercial contractors for your next commercial project.

Thanks to the experts at Q1 Construction for the sage advice from years in the commercial construction business.

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