How to Use Shipping Pallets

Shipping pallets are a great way to send large items, freight, and more across long distances without worrying about damage or something getting lost. While many associate pallets with freight shipping, pallets are used by companies big and small to ship items across North America. Let’s look at some tips for how to use pallets in and make the most of them no matter what you’re shipping.

Using Shipping Pallets

Pallets are a type of platform that is used to ship items. They can be wood, plastic, or made of other materials, but the most common are wood pallets. They can weight 20 to 70 pounds on their own before loaded with materials. Pallets should always be large enough to hold items without any sort of overhang, as this reduces the efficiency of using them to begin with.

When choosing a pallet, make sure it’s the right size for what you’re sending. Make sure the pallets are sturdy enough for what your load weighs. Make sure the pallets use closely spaced boards for more support and never exceed the maximum weight requirements of the pallet. Pallets with easy forklift access will be the easiest to load and unload for shippers, so consider that when investing in pallets.

When packing your pallet, make sure you’re using new boxes that can hold the proper amount of weight. Don’t overload your boxes, makes sure to seal all containers securely. Make sure to label each box appropriately, including shipping name, consignee name, and other pertinent information. Use slip sheets to ensure weight distribution and to protect each layer of the shipment.

Make sure to secure the boxes to the pallet appropriately. Use stretch wrap whenever possible and adhere to the shipper’s specifications. Then, label each shipment appropriately as well. With these above tips, you can ship pallets the right way and ensure they get to their destination safely and securely.

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