How to Install Gutter Splash Guard

No one likes worrying about getting soaked from their own roof, especially when the gutters are in place and working right. Sometimes the speed and gravity of water can just be too much for you gutter system to handle so instead of flowing through the proper channels, it ramps up and splashes all around your property. This is more common of a problem at the bottom of roof valleys, where the water from different points on your roof converges into one quick stream. Luckily these problems can be easily fixed with a gutter splash guard and you can likely make on yourself by following these simple steps. Splash guards are also referred to as rain diverters.

Steps to Install Gutter Splash Guard

Gather Your Materials

Install gutter splash guardYou can make your own splash guard but if you’re looking for an easier fix, you can buy pre-fabricated gutter splash guard. You can find gutter splash guards at your local hardware store. Buy one splash guard for every corner or area where you are having issues. Gutter splash guards come in different colors so try to find one that matches your gutters or at the least is paintable. If you need to paint your gutter guard, make sure you take care of it at least 24 hours before you plan on installing it.

Install the Gutter Splash Guard

Align the splash the guard with your gutter. The splash guard will have a lip on it that sits down on the edge of the gutter. When the splash guard and gutter lip are aligned properly, you can drill a few holes with a drill bit intended for metal.

Once you have you’re your pieces and aligned and your holes drilled, you can attach the splash guard. You can use 1/8 rivets or metal screws the get the job done. If you want a little extra waterproofing on your new splash guard, add a dab of silicone in a line that runs along the area where the two pieces meet. Tighten your rivets and screws and you now have a handy splash guard to keep water where it should be.

Installing a gutter splash guard is not too difficult of a project and can keep water from landing all over your property. If you ever feel unsafe or unsure about installing gutter guard yourself, don’t risk it, call a professional.

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