Is Aerosol Can Disposal Easy?

Your home is likely littered with different types of aerosol cans. You can find aerosol cans in your kitchen, garage, workshop, or various other rooms. Since they are such a part of our lives, it’s important to know how to dispose of them properly. Improper aerosol can disposal can be dangerous to the local environment and in some cases, can even be directly hazardous to people. You get it, you need to dispose of your aerosol cans properly, so is it easy? Let’s answer that question by getting a little lesson on proper aerosol can disposal.

Is Aerosol Can Disposal Easy?

Empty Aerosol Cans

If your aerosol can is completely empty, than disposal is fairly easy. You can treat empty aerosol cans like any other metal recyclable and sort it with that in mind. Make sure the recycling company you use recycles metals like this. If you aren’t sure just give your municipal or commercial waste management company a call.

Partially Full or Full Aerosol Cans

Partially full or full aerosol cans are not quite as easy to dispose of empty ones, but that does depend on where you live. Partial full or full aerosol cans are actually considered hazardous waste by waste disposal services, and they should be treated as such. If able, simply manually empty your partially full or full cans before recycling them.

If you are unable to empty the cans, you must call your local commercial or municipal waste service. Let them know what the can contains, and they can make recommendations on how to dispose of it without creating a hazard for the local community.

What to Do with Large Numbers of Aerosol Cans

If you work in a field where you have to utilize large numbers of aerosol cans, such as in field painting, you will likely benefit from a personal aerosol can disposal machine. Luckily, there are machines already in existence that can puncture a can, safely remove its contents, and crush the can without much effort. Look into aerosol can disposal systems if you find dealing with numerous aerosol cans is eating up too much of your time.

Overall aerosol can dispose is fairly easy, if you know what to do with the different cans. Treat empty aerosol cans like most metal recycling, call your waste management service to figure out what to do with full or partially full cans, and consider an aerosol can disposal system. Your cans will be disposed of properly and your local community will thank you.

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