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Lawn Care

A home is a reflection of who we are and the exterior lawn and outdoor surroundings are the first thing that other people notice when entering a home. The craftsmanship and care that goes into the design of our outdoor spaces should be of the highest level.

More About Lawns Unlimited

Lawn care

Lawns Unlimited can help you create a beautiful lawn landscape.

Lawns Unlimited employs a trained staff and the use of the most up to date lawn care and landscaping equipment to ensure your lawn and landscaping projects receive that high level of attention. Their services begin with a no-cost evaluation to help you better understand the needs of your lawn and landscape environments, and from that point, Lawns Unlimited looks beyond the final result and considers the impact of the entire project.

Being an environmentally conscious company, Lawns Unlimited uses natural methods and organic lawn care to ensure the preservation of the natural world around your home for the entire duration of the project.

Organic lawn care is not a passing fad but an improved implementation of natural lawn care methods that strengthen roots and bring more nutrients to your soil. Monthly updates including photographs of your lawn and a detailed plan for care ensure that your outdoor areas stay beautiful. Lawns Unlimited employs an automatic misting system that uses an organic plant-based solution to repel insects and help make your outdoor area as enjoyable and pest free as possible.

The importance of this service cannot be understated, as the recent news of the rapid spread of mosquito-borne illnesses makes pest prevention and elimination a valuable service. The needs of their clients dictate the exact methods that Lawn Unlimited applies to ensure beautiful hearty landscapes.

Along with these lawn and landscaping services, Lawns Unlimited is the only company in the Delaware area that is able to offer professional well drilling to give their clients the freedom of managing their own water system.

Entrusting the care of your lawn and outdoor landscaping areas to a company with a quality reputation is a choice that will help you reflect the love and joy of your home to the outside world.

Visit Lawns Unlimited online at or give them a call at (302) 645 – 5296.

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