3 Ways to Make a Garage Floor Slip Proof

The garage has become a multi-use space in the American household. The garage can be where you park the cars, a woodshop, a mechanic’s shop or even a man cave. One problem that seems to plague most peoples’ garage floors is their slippery surface. If you’ve found yourself slipping and sliding around your garage floor, you can take steps to make not as much of a hazard. Here are 3 ways to make your garage floor slip-proof.

3 Ways to Make a Garage Floor Slip Proof

Clean Up!

Garage floorMany of the hazards associated with the garage can be eliminated with a simple cleaning. Walk slowly around your garage floor and check for any hazards. Hazards can include loose wires, loose tools, precarious storage and of course dust. Get at your floor with a broom and mop if necessary. Removing dust, debris, oil and other garage hazards will make your garage floor much safer.

Use Rugs and Matts

If you’re looking for a simple and low-cost solution consider adding a rug or mat. Since it’s your garage just about anything will do as long as it’s slip-resistant. You could use leftover carpet scraps but for the best surface, consider a rubber mat. Rubber will have strong grip and repel moisture. Kitchen supply stores or hardware stores are a great place to find strong rubber matting.

Consider a Top-Coating

If you really want to make a dent in a slippery floor, consider adding a gritty or slip-resistant top-coating. Floor sealant manufacturers often make a matching grit that can be added to their sealants to add texture and grip. The coatings can come with silica or plastic based grit so try to match whatever sealant you use to the type of flooring you have. You may need to remove any previous top coats or old paint from your floor first so make sure you read the label of your product to make sure you take the proper steps for it to work.

Garage floors are definitely the utility space for the average household. Follow these steps to make sure your garage floor provides plenty of grit and grip. So next time you’re carrying a whole load of groceries, you don’t need to worry about your slippery garage floor taking you down.

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