3 Tips On Cutting Down Outdoor Water Use

Water is quickly becoming a rare commodity around the United States, just ask anyone living in California. Everyone is looking for ways to not only save on their water bill but help conserve this most valuable resource for the greater good. Luckily there are several things you can do around your house to cut down drastically on your water usage, especially when it comes to your outdoor irrigation. Follow these 3 tips for cutting down on your outdoors water usage.

3 Tips On Cutting Down Outdoor Water Use

  1. Employ the use of rain barrels. You can put a rain barrel at just about any gardening store or big box home improvement retailer. Rain barrels are simply systems designed to catch rain water for use in and around your property. The excess rain is stored in barrels that come with a tap so you can hook up a garden hose to your rain barrel to use the excess rain around your plants and garden. Just put your rain barrel underneath a gutter downspout to easily fill it up after a few nice storms.
  2. Employ times and sensors. The days of your irrigation system watering your yard during a storm or over thanks to timers and sensors. Utilize timers to make sure only areas of your yard that truly need moisture get it and rain sensors are useful because they can deactivate your irrigation system during active precipitation. So if you hate watching your water bill rise every time your sprinkler system comes on during a rain storm, consider purchasing an expensive rain sensor to offset this issue.
  3. Employ drip irrigation systems. Drip irrigation systems are simply hoses that contain small perforations used to water plants. They use much less water than typical irrigation systems because they can target specific plants and areas that need water without simply wetting bare patches. Drip irrigation system is fairly inexpensive and a great way to direct water it needs to do. Don’t confuse a drip irrigation hose with a soaker hose, the soaker hose will use much more water.

Saving water has the double benefit of saving you money and helping out your neighbors and the environment. Employ these strategies and more solutions to help better your local environment.

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