Are Solar Powered Outdoor Lights Worth the Price?

Your outdoor living space is an extension of your home. While most of your time is likely spent indoors, warm spring and summer nights pose more options for taking advantage of your home’s outdoor space. Whether you’re looking for a backyard retreat, or simply hoping to light the walkway from your driveway to the front door, solar-powered ... More


Why Shredding Personal Information is Necessary

When you put something in the trash, it’s usually because you no longer need it. More often than not, your trash passes through several stages on its way to a landfill, making it difficult to know what happens to it once it leaves your possession. In each step that occurs once trash is out of your control, comes a greater risk that someone ... More

Artificial Turf at Home

What Type of Maintenance Does Astro Turf Need?

A widely popular replacement to natural grass lawns, astroturf synthetic grass or artificial grass is the hassle-free alternative to creating a luscious green yard. Rather than spending hours watering, mowing, and weeding, homeowners everywhere are learning about the value of artificial turf. Your outdoor living space is an important extens... More

Artificial Turf at Home

Do You Need Artificial Turf at Home?

If you own a home, you know the extensive work it takes to maintain a beautiful and healthy grass lawn. Many homeowners in low-water areas are used to having dead, dull, and prickly brown grass as a result of a drought or inability to perform regular lawn maintenance. Other homeowners are simply just tired of pulling weeds and mowing the ... More

Fix Stains on Your Countertops

How to Fix Stains on Your Countertops

Marble and granite have been used for decades for countertops in the bathroom, kitchen or just wherever it looks good. Because marble and granite are stone, people don’t think twice about the possibility of moisture stains or etching on their counter until they pick up a bottle of cleaner only to discover it has left stains. These stains, ... More