3 Tips for Any Bathroom Remodel

If you’re tired of your dull or impractical bathroom getting you down, it’s time for a bathroom remodel. Kitchens and bathrooms are often the first rooms that homeowners think of when they start thinking about their first model and for good reasons. Your bathroom is meant to be your refuge from the stresses of the outside world and if you ... More


How GenStone Helps You Do It Yourself

You might have never thought that the installing stone paneling on your home would be a weekend project that you can take care of yourself but it is a very real possibility. In this care we aren’t talking about traditional quarry stone paneling but faux stone paneling. Faux stone paneling has an authentic look and texture but is lightweig... More

What is Concrete Raising and How Does It Work?

An unbalanced concrete driveway or sidewalk can be a major pain. Not only does it look bad, but a slab that sunken or risen up more than others can create tripping hazards, and mess up areas that need to be kept level. Homeowners will often avoid getting these issues fixed due to the high cost of replacement but fortunately there is now the ... More

3 Things to Know About Asphalt

The world all around you is full of everyday materials that you may not pay much attention to, but wouldn’t live life as you know it without them. Not much is paid attention to lowly paving materials but look all around you, there is one material that makes up roads, driveways, parking decks, and is even found at the La Brea tar pits of ... More

Is Aerosol Can Disposal Easy?

Your home is likely littered with different types of aerosol cans. You can find aerosol cans in your kitchen, garage, workshop, or various other rooms. Since they are such a part of our lives, it’s important to know how to dispose of them properly. Improper aerosol can disposal can be dangerous to the local environment and in some cases, ... More