How to Replace Christmas Light Bulbs

Everyone knows the situation, you pull your Christmas lights out of the attic to string on your Christmas tree to get ready for the holiday season. You unravel your coils of lights, get the plug ready, and pray a little prayer that they all work. You plug in the string and nothing. One of your bulbs is out, therefore the whole string is out. It makes no sense to toss the whole string of lights when only one bulb is out, but most people don’t know how to properly replace Christmas light bulbs. Let’s help you out with some of the best methods for how to replace Christmas light bulbs.

Steps to Replace Christmas Light Bulbs

If the Whole String is Out

A whole string out could be mean two different things, you have blown a fuse or one of the bulbs is out in the string. Luckily most newer lights will not diffuse the entire string when one light goes out so you are likely looking at a blown fuse.

Note: Always unplug Christmas lights before changing out the fuse.

You can find the fuses on your Christmas lights through an access panel on the plug. Slide the panel and check for a blown fuse. A healthy fuse will have an intact wire running through a transparent body while a blown fuse will likely have a smoky appearance and broken wire running through it. Pry out the blown fuse with a small screwdriver before replacing it with a new fuse that came with the lights. Your lights should now work, if not, move on below.

Use a Christmas Light Repair Tool

Stores that sell Christmas lights will often sell Christmas light repair tools as well. Simply follow the directions that come with the tool to locate and replace compromised or burnt Christmas lights. Use of the tool may me tedious but is worth it if you have high quality Christmas lights.

How to Replace Single Bulbs

Many newer lights will still stay on when one bulb is out, you just have to replace the burnt bulb. Locate the burnt bulb and gently use your fingers to pry out the dead bulb by the plastic casing, never by the bulb itself. Replace the burnt bulb with a new one, and you should be good to go!

Replacing the fuse, using a Christmas light repair tool, and replacing individual bulbs are the best ways to replace LED Christmas lights. If you have a string that goes out constantly, consider replacing it with a new string of lights that will not give you many troubles.

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