4 Tips to Secure Your Garage Door

Garages and garage doors are one of the most vulnerable spots for home burglaries. Failure to secure doors, loose locks and old technology all makes garages and garage doors the preferred point of entry for many criminals and burglaries. Luckily, there are ways to update the security of your garage door to make it much tougher for would-be crooks. Here is our advice on how to secure your garage.

How to Secure Your Garage Door

Use Common Sense

Garage doorMany victims of home burglaries made it too easy or irresistible for criminals. Many burglaries are crimes of opportunity so if you take away the opportunity, you take away the crime. Lock all locks including your garage, any garage doors and any entries into the home in your garage. Cover garage windows so criminals can’t peek in, and keep your garage door closed as much as you can, otherwise you are showing everyone, including criminals, what is available to steal in your garage.

Keep Your Opener With You

If your garage door is easily accessible, it’s easily accessible for criminals too. Many people leave their garage door opener on the visor. While this is convenient, it’s also convenient for criminals so keep your garage door opener hidden and out of sight.

Upgrade Locks

A simple upgraded lock could be the difference between your home staying safe and getting burglarized. Invest in a heavy duty lock and/or deadbolt to keep things much more secure. This goes for both your actual garage door and any other entry points into your garage.

Upgrade Your System

Garage door technology has come a long way since just manual opening and closing doors. If you feel like your garage door is vulnerable to burglary, consider upgrading your garage door entirely. You can now get doors with motion sensors, doors that can link to smart phones, doors that close automatically after a certain period of time and openers that are much more difficult to hack and fool.

Securing your garage and garage door are a great way to drastically reduce your chance of burglary. Use these tips and other advice to make sure your garage door keeps more than just the outside elements out.

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