6 Spring Cleaning Tricks You Need to Know

No one wants to clean their home more than they have to and there are many tricks that can be employed with some hard work to help keep a home cleaner for longer. The first of which is as easy as screwing in a lightbulb.

6 Cleaning Tricks to Make Life Easier

Update Your Lightbulbs

Cleaning products

You always need cleaning products on hand for spring cleaning.

By switching your homes lightbulbs from traditional incandescent bulbs and low wattage compact fluorescents to “daylight” bulbs your home will look great. These bulbs are full-spectrum meaning they mimic natural light and these bulbs can even help elevate your mood. These bulbs are easy to spot while shopping as they will be marked “daylight” and have a range of 5,000 to 6,500 kelvins.

Apply Sealants to Furniture and Carpets

There are household products available that are designed to protect furniture and carpets from spills and excess stains. These products protect by causing any liquid to bead on the surface of the furniture or carpet rather than being absorbed and staining the material.

In addition to preventing liquid stains, these products help guard fabrics against mold, mildew, and even fading. The products simply need be applied once a year after a deep cleaning of the carpet or furniture has been performed. Be sure to read the label of any product you intend to use as there are some available that will repel liquids but warn that they may change the appearance of any fabric to which they are applied.

Take Steps to Eliminate Dust

Dust is the base of all allergens and there are many causes of it present in a home. The humidity level of your home can help to produce or decrease the presence of dust. The ideal level of humidity in a home is hovering at 50 percent as low humidity will cause static electricity.

This static attracts dust and causes it to stick to surfaces of a home. At the other extreme, high humidity creates an ideal environment for dust mites. Cleaning the vents of your home once a year with a mixture of soap and water will also help to prevent the accumulation and spread of dust.

Use a Clean Broom and Throw out Your Oven Cleaner

Products used to clean your home can actually be doing more harm than good. Old brooms should be cleaned or replaced to ensure they are not spreading the dirt around. Oven cleaning products have been found to give off noxious fumes and you can accomplish the same clean result without them. Simply use a wet pumice stone to scrape away the buildup of grease and other materials in your oven.

Protect Shower Doors and Seal Your Countertops

There are products available that can help you end scum build-up on commonly used surfaces. By applying a rain-repellent liquid made to protect car windshields to your glass shower surfaces you can protect against soap and grime build up. Stone countertop sealants are sold at most home improvement stores and if applied twice a year will help protect the stone from liquids such as wine and juice.

Spot Clean

Keeping a small cleaning kit on hand in the home will help you tackle small cleaning jobs to prevent filth from accumulating. Addressing small stains and dust bunnies will help remove common allergens in a matter of minutes.

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