What You Need to Know About Sun Rooms

Do you have a little extra property that you want to make into livable space, but don’t want to go all out on an addition? Well then a sunroom might be the perfect for you. Sunrooms are an excellent choice for giving some sunlight and additional square footage onto your home without breaking the bank. Here is some more information about sunrooms to help with any decisions moving forward?

What Are Sunrooms?

Sun roomA sunroom is simply an addition to a home that as the name implies, has plenty of windows to allow ample sunlight into a home. Sunrooms are typically found on the same floor as the main living areas next to kitchens, living rooms and more. They may also be known as enclosed porches or glass porches.

Types of Sunrooms

Screened-in Sunrooms

One of the simplest types of sunrooms. Often no more than knee high walls and screens to keep bugs and foreign debris out. Great if you like a little extra breathing room during the warmer months. One of the most types of sunrooms in terms of cost.

Seasonal Sunrooms

Seasonal sunrooms, or three-season sunrooms are perfect for spring, fall and summer but are not typically suitable for winter. This is because the glass or window coverings are not incredibly thick but thick enough to keep you comfortable most of the year. They typically lack climate control such as air conditioning or heating but they are fully enclosed to keep out the elements. Seasonal sunrooms can hold a low to moderate price tag.

Solarium or Year-Round Sunroom

Year-round sunrooms are outfitted with thicker glass, insulation and climate control elements so you can enjoy your sunroom all-year round. The best option if you really want a nice addition to the home but year-round sunrooms are the most expensive to build.

DIY Sunrooms

If you have some contracting knowledge, you may be able to DIY your own sunroom. Sunrooms kits are avialble for purchase online and at many home improvement stores. Just make sure you do your research to find the best kit that fits your wishes for your sunroom.

If you have a worn out deck or a patch of land idling by don’t let that dead space hang around, add a sunroom to your property for more living space on top of adding value to your home.

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