How to Vacuum a Room

It seems like a simple task. Vacuuming the floors is simply gliding the sucking machine across a dirty surface, right? Wrong. Maximize your vacuum cleaner efficiency and reduce the number of times you vacuum in a week by learning these simple steps to vacuuming correctly.

Vacuum a Room with These 3 Tricks

Pick Up First, Vacuum Last

It is important to pick up belongings first. Clear the clutter by putting away clothes, toys and other loose items before pulling out the vacuum cleaner. Be on the lookout for small items that could potentially jam the vacuum. Vacuums are designed to pick up dirt and debris, not just any item on the floor. Many smaller items likely have a home where they can be organized, or should be picked up by hand and disposed of in the trash. Make sure to dust, scrub, clean, and sweep the area you plan to vacuum, first. Dust in the air and extra dirt from other surfaces makes it way to the floor as you clean. It makes no sense to vacuum first then let all of that dirt, dust and debris settle onto your clean floors.

Proper Direction

On the carpet, start in the corner that is furthest from the door, and make your way across the room. Vacuum each room horizontally as well as vertically and make sure that your motion is specifically from wall-to-wall, rather than short back and forth movements. Shorter movements take more effort and make it easier to miss dirt and debris on the carpet. Vacuuming from the furthest corner and across the room both ways will leave behind a clean carpet pattern, ensuring you haven’t missed a spot.

Use a Neutralizer

Cleaning is a way to freshen your environment. Using a neutralizer on the carpet or in your vacuum as you clean is a sure way to freshen your entire space. Neutralizers for the carpet usually come in powder-like substances that you sprinkle across the carpet surface, then vacuum up after letting sit for a few minutes. The same neutralizing material can be added to your vacuum’s canister to emit odor killing freshness into the air while you vacuum.

Not too many people enjoy cleaning. Vacuum less often by doing it right the first time, and freshen up your life with every use of your vacuum. Clearing dirt and debris has never been easier when you vacuum the right way, ensuring you’ve covered every open carpet space.

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