What is Concrete Raising and How Does It Work?

An unbalanced concrete driveway or sidewalk can be a major pain. Not only does it look bad, but a slab that sunken or risen up more than others can create tripping hazards, and mess up areas that need to be kept level. Homeowners will often avoid getting these issues fixed due to the high cost of replacement but fortunately there is now the option of raising that concrete instead of replacing. Let’s look at the exciting method of concrete raising including what it is, and the benefits of raising your concrete over replacing.

What is Concrete Raising?

Traditionally an area of concrete that has sunk into the ground would have to be demolished and replaced, leaving the homeowner with a fat bill and a mess in their yard. Now concrete raising has become one of the more popular methods for fixing sunken concrete.

Concrete raising is the process of raising a concrete slab through hydraulic pressure and the process is fairly simple and ingenious. The concrete raising company will drill holes in regular intervals along the concrete that needs to be raised before plugging those holes with hydraulic hoses. The hoses will pump grout, foam or other substances below the slab to raise it into optimal position. Now that your concrete is in place, the concrete raising company will simply patch the holes, leaving you with a level, safe, and good looking concrete slab. Concrete raising is also known as mudjacking, pressure grouting, or slabjacking.

Benefits over Concrete Raising Over Replacement

  • There are numerous benefits of concrete raising over concrete replacement such as:
  • Much less expensive
  • Much less collateral damage to your yard and home
  • Much less time needed to raise concrete than replace, homeowners can expect projects to take hours instead of days
  • Raising instead of replacing means your concrete area will keep the same appearance.
  • Able to utilize your concrete area in a much shorter timeframe.

So the next time you trip over an uneven sidewalk on your home don’t just shake your head, get on the phone with your local concrete raising company. They can let you know if your job is viable for concrete raising, the type of price you’re looking at, and how fast they can do it. With concrete raising, you’ll have your concrete fixed and looking great in no time flat.

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