What is Concrete Raising?

We’ve all seen it. You’re out for a walk with your dog, and the concrete is cracked and uneven in different spots along the way. Concrete slabs are susceptible to settlement in a variety of ways. Soils beneath the pavement can consolidate over time, the soil underground erodes in many places with improper drainage, and even tree roots are all factors in causing concrete to break and become uneven.

More About Concrete Raising

Whether you notice an uneven slab in the concrete on a walk, or your driveway and patio have fallen as a result of the settlement below, concrete raising, is a procedure that corrects uneven cement surfaces. A cheaper alternative to having the pavement repoured, concrete raising is used throughout the country to alter the foundation that a slab of concrete sits on.

Another form of repairing cracked or sunken concrete is slabjacking. Commonly referred to as “mudjacking,” the specialty concrete repair technology attempts to lift a sunken concrete slab by pumping a grout-like substance through the concrete. The pumping is designed to push the fallen slab up from below its uneven surface.

Mudjacking techniques have been widely used since the early 1900’s. Early contractors used a mixture of local soils to produce a “mud-like” substance. Modern slabjacking contractors have a variety of pressure grouting options, like expanding polyurethane foam. The material proves to be greatly more beneficial than traditional mudjacking materials.

The process of slabjacking generally starts with drilling small access holes in the fallen concrete. Initial material injections to these small diameter holes will fill any void space under the slab. Once the empty spaces are filled, the injections serve to lift the concrete in just minutes, then the access holes are patched to complete the job. It is important to remember that slabjacking technology does present its limitations. Poor quality concrete may be more susceptible to further cracking when lifted.

Traditional “rip and replace” concrete repair applications require longer operation time as well as more disturbance and work than innovative concrete raising procedures. Slabjacking, mudjacking, and concrete raising is a little-known technology that could be the difference between repouring damaged concrete, and simply lifting sunken slabs

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