What Type of Maintenance Does Astro Turf Need?

A widely popular replacement to natural grass lawns, astroturf synthetic grass or artificial grass is the hassle-free alternative to creating a luscious green yard. Rather than spending hours watering, mowing, and weeding, homeowners everywhere are learning about the value of artificial turf. Your outdoor living space is an important extension of your home. Spend more time doing what you love, and less time pulling weeds with a synthetic lawn that compliments your home’s outdoor extension.

Natural grass can be beautiful and green with the right maintenance and care. All too often, homeowners spend their summer weekends pulling weeds, mowing the lawn, adjusting the sprinklers, and trying to reach the goal of a luscious and beautiful yard. Having a healthy lawn is a lot of work, and sometimes even with diligent care and excessive maintenance, a green yard is not the result.

Synthetic grass is different. Though it is an investment, artificial turf lawns don’t need your regular maintenance like watering and mowing. Weeds don’t sprout, and brown patches don’t linger, which leaves your astroturf grass looking perfect and green all year long. Once installed, synthetic grass looks and feels vibrant, and requires much less maintenance than your natural lawn. Some maintenance is still required to get the most out of your astroturf yard.

Dust, pollen, and air-born pollutants can leave layers of debris on your faux grass. Rainfall is the best cleanser for this, but if you live in an area where rain is less common, a simple rinse with the garden hose will keep your astroturf looking fresh and green. It is not uncommon for things to spill in your lawn. When your backyard barbecue leads to soda spills and dropped ketchup, it’s important to treat the spills right away, just as you would with your carpet. A plastic table knife or spatula can remove solid and paste-like deposits, while paper towels and rags will quickly soak up liquids.

In comparison to the lengthy labor required to efficiently maintain natural grass, astroturf maintenance is minimal and easy, making it the greater option for getting the most out of your yard and outdoor living space. Eliminate the hassle of mowing, watering and trimming your yard, with the innovative solution that is found in astroturf.

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