When Does a Home Need Helical Piers?

You’re walking in your local contractor supply store when you notice some interesting giant metal screws on display. You look at the tag, and it reads “helical piers.” The name sounds cool, and helical piers look cool, but what are these strange metal helixes used for? Let’s dive into the world of these foundation helpers to give you an idea of what they can be used for and signs you might need them for your home.

When Do You Need Helical Piers?

Poor Soil Conditions

The geography of the Earth is wide and varied, so not all parts have suitable soil to build on. Soil may be too loose, too wet, too fine, or too coarse to build on but if people walked away every time they encountered poor soil conditions several cities like New Orleans of Venice wouldn’t exist. Centuries ago people figured out they could reinforce poor soil with wood pilings and while wood pilings are still in use today – most people now opt for engineered helical piers.

Foundation/Structural Repair

Helical piers are often utilized for more support and structural help in existing foundations. Soils can shift and erode over the years, and the soil that’s under a home built in 1930 may be much different than what’s under the same home today. You don’t want to bulldoze a home or building every time the soil changes, but you can use helical piers. Helical pier for foundation repair may be less expensive and less involved than other types of foundation repair.

Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t recognize some of the more common signs that a foundation needs help. If you’re experiencing any of the following, you may need to make the call to a structural or foundation repair contractor.

Common Symptoms of a Bad Foundation

  • Cracks in molding/drywall
  • Uneven/sloped floors
  • Unable to close windows, doors
  • Cracks on exterior home (brick, stonework)
  • Spaces between portions of home like wall and ceiling

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, don’t wait as the situation will only get worse and the repair will become more expensive.

If you need foundation soil reinforcement or your home or building is showing signs of foundation issues, you need helical piers. Make the call to a helical piers Denver company to see what helical piers can do for you.

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